Does Bullet Proof Coffee Live Up to the Hype?

Although there have yet to be extensive scientific studies done on Bullet Proof coffee to undeniably confirm or deny whether or not this drink lives up to the hype, there have been a number of people that have been drinking it for a long period of time who claim that the weight loss, increased energy, and improved brain function benefits are all very real.

Bullet-Proof Coffee

Here are two ways that Bullet Proof coffee works with your body that help you lose weight:

Burns Fat for Energy

Your body naturally wants to burn glucose for energy, which is why you tend to crave carbohydrates when you are hungry, or when your blood sugar levels get too low in between meals. However, at night or when fasting, your body doesn’t have access to glucose and so it uses a process called ketosis to burn fat instead of glucose.

What Bullet Coffee does for you is provides your body with more fats to burn first thing in the morning, keeping it in ketosis for a longer period of time. Although it only takes a couple hours for your body to burn through the fats in the coffee, it will then continue to use fats stored in your body to keep you going. Compared to glucose, fat burns more slowly and steadily, so you don’t experience the spikes and crashes that you do with glucose.

Reduces Hunger

After you’ve been sticking with the Bullet Coffee for a while, it causes your body to become “keto-adapted.” This means that your body is used to burning fats for fuel, so it makes the switch quickly in the absence of glucose. Over time, this will lead to an overall reduction in hunger to the point where you may not feel hungry at all during the day.

Hunger is an important sense that tells us when we need to eat, but it is normally driven by a lack of glucose, so by cutting hunger out of the equation, you can begin to eat scheduled meals that are rich in nutrients rather than eating whenever you feel hungry, which often means eating the closest available food rather than the most nutritious option.

Bullet Coffee and Hat

Why it Doesn’t Work for Some People

Bullet Proof coffee starts your day out with a lot more fat than your body is used to processing in one sitting, which can lead to some digestive issues when you first start. For that reason, it’s recommended that you don’t begin with the full recommended amounts of butter and oil that are blended into the coffee. Instead, start with much smaller amounts and then build up to the full amount over a week.

The other reason that some people don’t see the same results as others, is that they’re following the directions but not using the right ingredient, namely, the coffee. According to the author of the diet, because of how it’s processed, coffee has a high chance of being contaminated with mold or other toxins that cause an inflammatory response in the body that prevents the drinker from gaining the benefits.

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