Why Do You Like Coffee?

We set out to find out just what it is that people like about coffee. These aren’t the cute kind of quotes that you see on T-shirts or coffee mugs. They are quotes from real people – people that we know – when asked why they like coffee. The hands-down winner is because of the caffeine, but there are several outside the box answers. There were even quite a few people who actually don’t like coffee (gasp!). We added their reasons, even though we know they are wrong (wink, wink).

It’s The Chemical Buzz of the Caffeine

I Love Coffee for the Caffeine

“I love the very distinct chemical buzz it gives my body!” – Joe

“Caffeine. I like the smell, the taste, and the caffeine. Yeah, the caffeine.” – Dale

“The caffeine!” – Scott

“I love it! With the sugar and the Baileys. I don’t like the taste of black coffee. I basically want it to be a coffee-flavored donut. But mainly for the caffeine.”  – Jay

“I like it in the morning, I like it for a little rush of sugar and caffeine. I like extra cream and extra sugar. It gets my morning going! Eeeeeeeee!” – Cassie

“I drink coffee because it’s better than energy drinks and I work all night.” – Jerron

“Liquid power!” – Lane

“I like coffee but can’t drink it. Blood pressure. But if I could I would drink it for the caffeine.” – Scott

“It gives me a buzz and helps me poop (not the exact word he used) in the morning.” – Joel

“Most of the time I just do it for the energy boost in the morning. It’s for the caffeine, that’s why most people do it.” – Rodney

“Mostly I like the caffeine I guess, it wakes me up” – Traci

“I drink it in the morning. I like the way it wakes me up. I drink it with cream and sugar. If I’m out in the cold, I put a little whiskey in it.” – Doug

“The pep in my step it gives me, the caffeine. I prefer iced coffee.” – Valerie

It’s The Taste

“I like the taste of it & of late I hear it is even healthy. I only have 4 or 5 cups in the morning; never after noon.” – Mike

“I drink it sometimes. Because it tastes good. That’s all.” – Joe

“The taste!” – Pam

“Um, it’s hot and delicious, which helps with the morning digestion before work, if you get my drift.  I use half-and-half which is delicious, too. I have three active boys and take care of my dad, so I need a wake me up.” – Deanna

“I like the taste of it, and that it’s part of what gets me going in the morning. It’s just part of my morning, it’s something I do everyday. I’m not one of those people who drinks coffee all day long, I have 3 or 4 cups in the morning and I’m done. I’m a cream and sugar guy, so I like it sweet.” – Jacob

It’s The Familiar Ritual

“I like it because it’s the start of the day. I drink a cup every morning, almost like a ritual, as it kicks off the day. Also I enjoy creamer and sugar.” – Buck

“Well that’s a weird question. I guess I like the taste of it – with creamer, anyway. And probably the energy that I think it gives me. It’s also about routine and I like to enjoy a cup of coffee when I wake up in the morning.” – Lisa

“I think I do it mostly on ceremony. Getting up in the morning and making a cup of coffee. Sometimes I drink it in the afternoon, too.” – Kam

Some Have Other Reasons…

“It tastes horrible. Especially in the summer, it’s too hot. Most people like it black, but I like mine really weak, like tea.” – Johnny

“I like mine strong and black. Army style!” – Jeff

“Why? You gonna buy me some?” – Byron

” I do drink coffee but was told it probably won’t agree with me while I’m having chemo. I like the taste if it’s Folgers.” – Dee

“I drink it very rarely. Only when it’s freezing winter-time.” – Leah

“No, I don’t drink it. Insomnia gets me. I love it, it doesn’t love me.” – Kelly

“I drink it because it’s hot, I guess. I don’t like it. It tastes like crap (again, not the exact word he used). But I love the smell of coffee. That’s why I started drinking it in the first place. I liked it when I first started drinking it, when I was younger. But I don’t like the taste anymore. I don’t know why I keep drinking it. The caffeine, I guess.” – Charlie

“More habit and the smell than anything.” – Dana

“I don’t like hot coffee. I do like caramel coffee drinks. My girlfriend likes the taste and the caffeine waking her up.” – Roger

Some People Don’t Like Coffee (Really?)

I Don't Like Coffee

“It makes me jittery. I can’t put stuff like that in my body. I feel too ramped up.” – Darren

“I just never acquired a taste for it.”- Brian

“I can’t drink coffee because I have a heart arrhythmia. But I would if I could.” – Savannah

“I would want mine as cream and sugar with half a spoonful of coffee, so why bother? Plus I don’t want to burn my mouth. I do like coffee-flavored candies and ice cream though.” – Mary

“I don’t like the taste. Especially the after-taste.” – Jennifer

” I don’t like coffee because it doesn’t taste good. I like Diet Coke.” – Kathy

“I don’t like it. It makes me sick to my stomach. I remember this vendor, he used to bring in a giant coffee maker and hand it out to all the salesmen and the painters. No donuts though. I would have liked some donuts.” – Kenny

“I just don’t like it.” – Jason

“Coffee is too hot. And then people put it in the microwave and make it even hotter!” – Ken

“I never liked the taste of it. My husband likes it with milk and sugar. His grandparents gave it to him that way. Mine would only let us have it black.” – Lamoyne

“I like it if somebody else is drinking it.” – John


As you can see, people have all kinds of reasons why they like (or don’t like!) a good cup of Joe. It might be for the buzz, the aroma, or because it’s a routine to start their day. What are your reasons for drinking, or not drinking, coffee?

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