How to Make Iced Keto Coffee

You can’t really make traditional iced coffee by using some of the ingredients used to make keto coffee. The coconut oil and butter is going to solidify once it gets too cold.

Iced Keto Coffee with Cinnamon

However, before you learn about how to make an iced version of keto coffee, you should know that if you just don’t like super hot coffee, you can leave it out until it gets cold. This won’t be quite cold enough to solidify the butter, but it will be as close to cold coffee as you can get.

Iced Keto Coffee Variations

The main differences you are going to make with your iced keto coffee are not using butter and replacing the coconut oil with MCT oil. You will then add in some heavy whipping cream for more fat and to make your coffee creamy. These two ingredients still provide some excellent nutrients and fat that will give you energy, but allow you to have your favorite iced coffee.

When making your iced keto coffee, you can either leave out the coffee or cold-brew it, or blend it up with some iced cubes for something similar to a Frappuccino.

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