Choosing Quality Ingredients For Your Keto Coffee

Now that you know more about keto coffee and how to make it, let’s talk a little bit about the ingredients you use. It is not uncommon to experiment  and eventually come up with the perfect coffee concoction that works great for you.

Cinnamon and Coffee Beans

There are also tons of different recipes out there using different combinations of fat and flavoring additives that still make this keto coffee.

While on the keto diet, you should stick to ingredients that are low in carbs, high in fat, and as healthy as possible. You already know about using grass-fed butter when you can, but here are some other tips for choosing the right ingredients:

Coconut Oil

If this will be your first time buying coconut oil, you will discover that there are many different varieties to choose from. Don’t be put off by the fact that the oil looks solid: coconut oil will be in its solid state until it is either melted or blended. You should try to use organic, unrefined coconut oil that has not gone through any type of chemical process.

Creamer VS Heavy Whipping Cream

If you like a creamier coffee, you should try to stay away from traditional coffee creamer. It is usually loaded with sugar and carbs. While there is sugar-free creamer that is a little better, it tends to be 2 carbs per tablespoon, where you could add the same amount (or more) of heavy whipping cream and it has zero carbs.

Sugar-Free Additives

When you also want more flavor, there are some different ways to go. Aside from sugar-free creamer, you could also go with a sugar-free flavored syrup. There are many varieties to choose from. This has less carbs than the creamer, so it is a better option to take.

Coconut Oil

With a cup of coffee, you only need a very small amount. You can also use a few drops of liquid Stevia, but be sure you get it from a health food store and not something that is overly processed.

Ground Cinnamon

Many people prefer using ground cinnamon to flavor it so that they don’t use any ‘fake’ sugar in their coffee. Give it a try and see how you like it!

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