What Is Your Favorite Brand of Coffee?

If you’re someone who loves coffee, you probably already have a favorite type of roast and a favorite brand. The taste of coffee is a personal decision and you can find some brands that are mild and some that are extremely strong. Here are some proven favorites.

Coffee Brands


One of the more popular coffee brands is Folgers. The reason that this coffee, which became highly popular back in the early sixties, is in the top five brands in America is because of the great taste. Folgers outsells even some of the most widely known coffee shop brands.

Dunkin’ Donuts

The Dunkin’ Donuts coffee brand is another one that’s on the top seller list. One of the reasons for its popularity is because of the quality taste, the different types of roasts you can buy and the flavored coffees. Their medium roast is one of their many popular choices.

Maxwell House

Maxwell House coffee makes the list because of their long standing production of delicious tasting coffee. Not only is their original brew one of the brands with the most sales, but so is their International Café line.

These are their instant coffees – and this line gives you flavors such as hazelnut café, orange, French vanilla, and Café Vienna. They even have coffees that are popular all year long but especially during the holidays, such as their Peppermint Mocha Latte.


Starbucks coffee is also one of the best coffee brands and you can choose from a selection of plain or flavored coffees. Their French roast whole bean coffee is pretty popular.

Green Mountain

Green Mountain is also one of the best brands to buy. Their K-Cup pods are a bestseller along with the coffee sold by the pound. You can find these coffees in different flavors as well.

Death Wish

If you’re not faint of heart and you like your coffee super strong, then one of the best brands to buy is Death Wish. This bestselling coffee carries the title of the world’s strongest coffee.


The equipment that you need to make your coffee will depend on what type of coffee you buy. For ground coffee, you might want the Bunn Velocity 10-cup maker, because it can retain the flavor of your coffee and brew an entire pot in 3 minutes.

The programmable Cuisinart DCC-3200 holds 14 cups and is one of the top selling coffee makers. If you want the choice between a full pot of coffee and a to-go cup, then you want to get the Hamilton Beach 49980A – which can do both.

If an espresso machine is what you’re after, then the Mr. Coffee 4 cup version with the milk frother is the best brand you can buy without spending a ton of money.

For cold brew coffee, you’ll need a coffeemaker like the Takeya cold brew maker, which can create a quart at a time. The best equipment to use with pod coffee is the Keurig K55 single serve maker, which is programmable.

So what is your favorite brand of coffee?

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