Peppermint Mocha Recipe

When it comes to coffee, there are two types of “mocha”. One is the mocha coffee bean, which makes what is considered a high quality coffee, and two, a flavored coffee drink that contains chocolate. This recipe is of the second variety, coffee flavored with hot chocolate!

Peppermint Mocha


1 cup coffee to taste
1 packet of your favorite hot chocolate
1 tbsp. peppermint syrup
1 to 2 oz. milk
Whipped cream
Crushed candy cane


  • Pour coffee in mug, and then slowly add hot chocolate while stirring. Be sure to dissolve hot chocolate mixture thoroughly.
  • Add peppermint syrup and stir again. You can add more syrup, according to your preference.
  • Add just a splash of milk, then top with whipped cream and crushed candy canes to garnish if desired.

This yummy drink is good at Christmastime or anytime!

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